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Our advanced cloud-based, multi-server hosting platform provides you with the best possible hosting setup. The hosting platform uses a technology called load-balancing, and is built to provide reliability, high-availability and scalability.

Cloud HostingOur website clients' sites are hosted on a state-of-the-art, cloud-based hosting platform. This means pages load 200-500% faster over traditional hosting, depending on how much dynamic (database) content is on the site pages and the traffic load.

Reliability"Multiple-servers" means that, unlike with most hosting providers, your website is hosted on more than one server. If a hardware failure were to occur on a server, your site does not go down because the other servers are still up and running.

High-Availability When visitors go to your website, each visitor can be connected to a different server. This means that, especially during times of high activity, the load of visitor requests are evenly distributed among all of the servers, keeping page load times small. (Traditional single-server setups can result in slow page loads or even crashes during times of high activity)

Scalability Additional servers can be added to the platform with ease, as the need occurs. Our general policy is to add server(s) when the system is above 50% load average for 1 month, to bring it below 50%.

Hosting Improvements LifecycleAs websites include more and more dynamic, realtime-generated content, hosting and performance improvements are necessary to keep up with how much more taxing these pages are on servers. There is also an increase in demand: more users, on more devices, and with higher-speed connections. We pride ourselves in the continuous investment we put into our hosting infrastructure. About every 12-18 months, we upgrade the hosting platform to meet current demands/needs.

Website Hosting Services:

  • Ecommerce Cloud Hosting
  • Load Balanced Cloud Hosting
  • Wordpress Website Hosting
  • Web Application Hosting
  • Custom Dedicated Servers
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Emergency Support
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“ Nittany Web Works has done a great job for me. They are prompt and efficient in response to web site issues. Their web marketing tools have allowed my practice's marketing to keep up with the evolving and growing use of the internet by consumer. ”

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