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Rank higher and get more organic traffic.

Our SEO Specialists will review your website, search engine rankings, analytics, competition and other factors, then make recommend actions to reach your goals.

SEO / Organic Traffic Organic traffic is important to your web business because it is non-paid, sometimes referred to as 'natural' traffic--from sources other than PPC, like free search engine listings (the 'organic' search results) and incoming links from other sites like blogs, forums, personal sites, partners, press releases, etc.

We provide SEO services that include basic on-site optimization, as well as Advanced SEO services that include full-scale on-site optimization and linkbuilding campaigns. Your level of need and budgetary restrictions tend to dictate which options you choose in this area.

SEO friendly dynamic head/meta tags The title tag is the single most important onsite factor in good SEO, and we make sure to do it right.

SEO friendly image naming conventions We make sure the image name, as well as the alt and title tag of all site images are keyword rich, increasing your overall search friendliness, and pushing you referring traffic from sources Like Google Image.

SEO friendly internal link conventions Many people are unaware that PageRank, Google's measure of a site's link popularity, is calculated separately by Google for every page on a site. We make sure that the links from your homepage pass the linkjuice internally, making key ppages much more search competitive.

Onsite SEO Services Onsite SEO refers to any changes you make on your domain to entice search engine traffic. The basic procedure is to do comprehensive keyword research, choose optimal keywords, and then optimize the site around those targeted terms. Onsite SEO is roughly 50% of overall SEO, with linkbuilding (gaining links pointing to your site) comprising the other half.

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SEO Services:

Search Engine Optimization Services from Golf Coast Web Works
  • Organic Search
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Rank Reports
  • Sitemap Submission
  • Meta Information
  • Content Suggestions
  • Link Audit
  • ROI Optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • Usability Appraisal
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“ We are very pleased with the new site redesign of our online retail business. Thanks for all the attention to detail and advice! We have already seen an increase in traffic and direct customer contact thanks to the "Buying Guide Form" that you created and added to the site. We are projecting significant increases in sales this winter. ”